IT Training

Across your organization, technology professionals are striving to complete critical projects, respond to customer needs and help the company exceed business goals. Given the realities of IT today, when even an hour's delay can have a serious business impact, the development of those critical skills is often a luxury.

We provide IT professionals the ability to learn while they work with solutions in software development, internet & network technologies, operating systems & server technologies, web design, enterprise database systems and project effectiveness.

Skillsoft's IT Skills Courseware Collection provides a rich array of content assets and flexible delivery technologies to support the full range of formal and on-demand learning needs of IT organizations today. With instant access to the right resources, learning is continually available close to the work, resulting in immediate impact to critical IT decisions and projects.

Prepare for 100+ Professional IT Certifications

IT certifications are critical to many businesses, especially IT service providers. But you may find that your staff is too busy to go out to classes. Besides, technologies are always changing and the typical day of an IT professional is full of interruptions and unexpected problems.

You need a training solution that's flexible enough to fit any schedule, and covers everything from servers to security. We can help, with elearning courses to support many of the most popular certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, along with on-demand learning resources to help tackle unexpected issues.

Standardized course materials support IT professionals interested in certification through every stage of the IT learning curve. Learners are further assisted in their preparation with a combination of additional resources including online mentoring, Express Guide Manuals and practice certification exams.

Referenceware Collections

Professionals across all job functions rely on these collections of online books to support them in their everyday activities by increasing their productivity and developing their knowledge. Our collections are available on an annual subscription basis and you can choose one or more online books for unlimited, anytime access.

ITPro™ Referenceware Library
ITPro, Powered by Books24x7, is the ultimate productivity, learning and reference solution for IT professionals. This comprehensive resource spans the spectrum of technology education topics covering over 100 different subjects. ITPro delivers the full contents of thousands of books, reports, documents and more in a fully searchable, Web-based environment for the best technology education resource.

ITProSelect™ Referenceware Library
ITProSelect Referenceware, Powered by Books24x7, Select is a compilation of reference books and information from 80+ industry-leading publishers. This Reference Library contains carefully selected IT titles designed for certified IT professionals and to support those seeking IT certification. These online books are the ideal tool for anyone seeking quick and accurate answers to tough IT questions.

EngineeringPro™ Referenceware Library
EngineeringPro, Powered by Books24x7, delivers the full contents of hundreds of the best and latest engineering books. These online books are packed with reference material covering a wide range of engineering disciplines, plus general reference topics important to all engineering professionals.

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